The Empire of Lights

Contemporary reviews of The Empire of Lights

‘…an accomplished and enthralling debut… This book is as subtle as the shadows on the wall of Plato’s cave that seem to be our real life.’ (Andrew Sinclair, Times)

‘Complex, powerfully written and fascinatingly conceived.’ (Paul Golding, Sunday Times)

‘…a story finely hung between stock comedy and original thought… Robert Grossmith’s first novel proves with considerable wit that we know little of dreams and ignore their potency at our peril.’ (David Hughes, Mail on Sunday)

‘Literary and psychological patterns diverge and converge fascinatingly.’ (Adam Mars-Jones, Times Literary Supplement)

‘Grossmith approaches his subject with great integrity. Often in fiction the character influences the dream, but here the dreams influence, and come to dominate, the character. The inversion is subtle and effective… recommended reading.’ (Richard Burns, Independent)

‘Grossmith plays clever games with creativity and criticism, both literary and psychoanalytical. He gets full marks for presentation, for the inventive plot and handling of narrative viewpoint.’ (Robert Yates, Time Out)

‘The Shed’: audio podcast comments

‘Thank you so much for this delightful story, what a lucky find for me. I am a teacher on Waiheke Island and during lockdown we did a theme on ‘My Shed’ after discovering your delightful story… Also, it is wonderful for our young boys to have male authors as role models.’

‘Never heard anything quite like it… Wonderful! Great way to talk about sibling rivalry!’

‘That kid must have grown up to be a brilliant driver – or at least actor!! What a fabulously entertaining story!!’

‘Just fantastic. Great delivery, hilarious story.. What a treat.. my son and I just loved it and laughed our heads off. What a gem xx’

‘HILARIOUS! Are there more Robert Grossmith??’
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